Gaming the Mind Podcast episode 17

Spoiler warning: this episode contains an in-depth discussion of the final case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All. If you don’t want to know the big twists and turns of that case, please come back after having played it!

Content warning: this podcast episode references the suicide of a fictional character and discusses suicidality and attitudes to suicide. It does not contain descriptions of suicide acts or methods.

With the release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, we went back to the original Ace Attorney trilogy. The final case of Justice for All, titled Farewell My Turnabout, raises a lot of discussion about the mental health themes it portrays.

We have the character of Adrian Andrews, who the game states has an “illness” related to her dependent personality. Could it be dependent personality disorder, and how do the other characters treat this information about her? Is it appropriate to bring up in court at all?

And how does the game discuss topics such as mental health and suicide? We are especially surprised by some of the things that Miles Edgeworth says, and wonder if he’d be a bit more sensitive if the game had been made in 2021, rather than back in the early 2000’s.

Join Sachin, Hammy, Donald, and Marcus (mental health doctors) as we break down this epic case!

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