Gaming the Mind Podcast episode 18

In the latest episode of our podcast we chat to Barry Gene Murphy and May Abdalla, about their VR experience, Goliath: Playing with Reality, which is available for free on the Oculus store. The experience features interactive elements and takes you through the world of Goliath, a man who has spent years in psychiatric institutions and is now finding social connection through the gaming community.

Hosts Sachin and Fai Lam talk to the directors about their aims in making Goliath: Playing with Reality, how they stayed true to Goliath’s experience, what VR and interactivity adds to the message being conveyed, and how the online world can help combat isolation.

May Abdalla is the co-director, writer, and executive producer of Goliath: Playing with Reality, and is an award-winning experimental documentary filmmaker and the founder of production company Anagram.

Barry Gene Murphy is the director and writer of Goliath: Playing with Reality, and is an award-winning filmmaker and artist.

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