We’re discussing the game of the moment, and probably game of the year, Elden Ring, in our latest podcast. FromSoftware superfan Hammy is joined by Sachin, Donald, and Marcus as we talk about what makes Soulsbourne games so fun, and how difficult they really are.

Godrick, an early antagonist in Elden Ring
Godrick, an early Elden Ring antagonist

We consider whether Elden Ring needs proper difficulty options, and why it’s okay to want the game to be easier. Victory isn’t in failing, it’s in giving up… or so we say, until we talk about why sometimes it’s okay to walk away from a game if you realise it’s really not for you. Some people who are using Elden Ring as their first real crack at a Soulsbourne game may be experiencing buyer’s remorse, and we think of ways to lessen those feelings.

But what about people who are doing okay at the game, but can’t shake the feeling that they’re no good at it, or that they’re playing it wrong? We talk about “cheesing”, where players win in ways the game supposedly doesn’t intend, and how some players can feel guilty about that. We relate this to the concept of “impostor syndrome”, where someone doubts their own skills and accomplishments, and worries they’ll be discovered as a fraud. Is “cheesing” valid? How can we feel better about what we’ve accomplished in the game, and worry less about how we did it?

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