Gaming the Mind is a charity dedicated to improving the mental health of people within the gaming community. You can help us continue our activities, including public education, production of mental health information content and materials, health awareness promotion, and mental health advocacy work.

Your donations help us keep doing this work independently, acting purely on behalf of people in the gaming community, for no profit. It helps us keep the lights on, in terms of paying our fees, as well as infrastructure, and material costs.

How to support us

PayPal donate button You can make a direct donation via Paypal Giving Fund

Tiltify button You can fundraise for us via Tiltify

You can stream for us using the Twitch Charity Tool (not available in all areas)

If you can’t afford to make a donation, or are going through difficult times at the moment, we ask that you hold on to your money and instead show your support to us on social media!

Additional info for fundraisers

Before fundraising for us, be sure to read our terms and conditions.

Our resources, including graphics and factoids, might be useful for your fundraising stream.

Also, check out our top tips for healthy streaming.